Ingrid Persaud

Finding Your Voice

This workshop helps you find that authentic signature that makes your writing distinct and immediately recognisable. Elsewhere you will focus on honing the craft of story, plot, place and character. In our sessions, you work at conveying these elements in your own unique voice. It is your writer’s personality. Developing voice is an ongoing process, improving with your confidence as a writer. Understanding style, perspective and tone are crucial. Through reading and writing exercises you will leave the workshop with a better sense of how voice makes your work outstanding.


Born in Trinidad, Ingrid Persaud is the 2018 winner of the BBC National Short Story Award and the 2017 winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Her debut novel Love After Love is being published in April 2020 by Faber. She lives in Barbados and London in a home she shares with The Husband, twin sons, a feral chicken and two rescue dogs.

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